Diamond Head State Monument

Do I really want to talk about Diamond Head? I think everybody has been to the Lookout…numerous times. Well, maybe my mainland readers (that would be my sister) would like to know about this famous hike. What’s that you say? You’ve done it too? Oh well then, I’ll just say a few words.

If you haven’t hiked to the Diamond Head Lookout, definitely go! These days the walk up to the lookout is phenomenally crowded with bus loads of tourists from all over the world. Anyone who visits Honolulu sees our Diamond Head icon in the distance, and it’s worth the trip to see the city from atop this ancient tuff cone (yes, it’s not a volcano).

It only takes about 30 minutes from the pay booth to the top. The cost is $5 per car (and the lot fills up quickly), $1 for a walk in or just $10 for a year pass, which is what I have. I used to walk up for exercise quite often, but the crowds now prevent me from keeping a good pace. But since I live just a 5-minute drive away, I still park in the Kapiolani College parking lot and simply walk from there. This gives me a nice hour and a half of cardio round trip. Please take a look at the state’s Diamond Head State Monument page, as it provides a short video and is very informative.


Diamond Head Sunset

Happy tourists

Happy tourists

Perfect winds for hang gliding on this day

Perfect winds for paragliding on this day

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