Lulumahu Waterfall

Lulumahu Falls are just what you’d imagine a hidden Hawaiian waterfall to be: a little hard to find, somewhat challenging to get there, and stunning when you lay your eyes on the spectacular 50-foot fall. There’s not a pool deep enough to swim in, but you could sit in the inviting clear fresh water, if the mood strikes. I’ve only been to the falls once, and if it weren’t for my knowledgeable companion Mia, I would never have known which way to turn at each fork. It seemed a little confusing to me, but this I know: we definitely followed the stream.

On the way in

On the way in

Follow the stream

It only took about a half hour to reach the falls. It wasn’t too difficult, but plan on getting muddy, especially your shoes, so dress appropriately. It was lightly raining on the way in, but the weather turned into a sunny morning by the time we left. Don’t expect to be the only hikers at this fall, as it is quite popular. I think it’s only fair to mention that this is not public property. It is private and belongs to the Board of Water Supply.

A little muddy along the way

A little muddy along the way

Technically anyone doing this hike is trespassing. It’s only about 2.3 miles to the falls and back. We took a different way out from the way in, and the scenery was breathtaking. There were open grasslands, a large lake-like reservoir, stone stairs that seem to go nowhere, and a Middle Earth like bamboo forest that is really quite beautiful.

You can stand under the falls

Mia stands under the falls

The falls are located in Nuuanu, and the area to park your car is where Nuuanu Pali Drive meets the Pali Highway. The hike begins from the parking area. You have to enter through a hole in the chain link fence. It’s very wet back in the forest, but I didn’t have any encounters with mosquitos. I recommend shoes, not slippers, because you have to cross some slippery rocks in the stream. Bring water, a hiking partner, and be ready for rain.

Although shallow, it looks inviting

Although shallow, it looks inviting



Jurassic park Jeep!

That’s me with the Jurassic Park Jeep!

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