SUP Haleiwa

This day was off-the-charts fun! Our adventure began at Tropical Rush in Haleiwa.

Tropical Rush Haleiwa

Tropical Rush, Haleiwa

They have a kayak and SUP board rental, a shave ice stand, a surf shop, including great island wear, and an assortment of fun, interesting things. The friendly staff get you all set up to begin your adventure on the Anahulu river (also called Haleiwa River) where their little boat ramp is located. You can choose to go under the Haleiwa bridge and straight out to the bay or make your way upstream and drift along the lush countryside. My girlfriend and I had the privilege of having Cecilia join us for our session. She’s one half of the store’s husband-and-wife-owner team.

River entrance

River entrance

We started with the river, as it was my first time on a board, and the calm water is a great way to get your sea legs on. While paddling up this serene area, we saw a sea turtle leisurely swimming by. It poked its head up and checked us out and then slowly disappeared in the green water. As you glide up the quiet river, there are many country-style homes to see along the way. Also on the river there are other novice paddlers, so you have to be cautious to avoid any collisions. When it becomes too shallow to go any farther, it’s time to turn around and head back towards the bay. It’s a little easier going down with the lazy flow of the stream.

Thank Laird!

Thanks Laird!

Following Cecelia’s lead we continued under the bridge and out to the bay. The water was shallow and clear. Delphine pointed out a stingray just a couple of feet beneath the surface. With its distinct white spots on its back, it appeared elegantly graceful. From out in the bay you can see the majestic Waianae Range, which on this day was draped with low misty clouds. Just beautiful! The sight of the sea and the grandeur of the mountains made my heart smile, and I was immensely content to be right where I was: Out on the ocean with old and new friends experiencing something different and fun.

IMG_8511 Still following Cecelia, we headed towards Puaena Point where there were some small waves. We had fun riding the swells for a bit before we made our way back through the bay to the store to return our boards. We were out on the paddle boards for about 2 hours, and I must say, it’s definitely a great upper body workout! So check out Tropical Rush in Haleiwa for a nice time on a SUP board. The rates are quite reasonable. (More information, including rates.)

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