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It’s been a long while since I’ve made an entry. Life has a wondrous way of occupying our interests and immersing us in a myriad of activities.

Confession: I’m addicted to jewelry-making. It’s one of the many reasons, of late, that my spare time has been so restricted. And it’s why the Honolulu Museum of Art School is one of my favorite places. The School offers an outstanding selection of classes to choose from: metalworking, drawing and painting, printmaking, sculpture and woodwork, textiles and fiber, glass, photography and ceramics. There are also several youth classes available. The school is located on Victoria and S. Beretania Streets across Thomas Square in Honolulu in the historic Linekona Building (built in 1908).

Linekona Building built in 1908

Linekona Building (built 1908)

Having that “special talent” is not a prerequisite for the School. What is important is the desire to try something new and to challenge oneself and to explore a form of art that has always been intriguing. Following the expert teachers’ instructions will most likely leave you with a piece that you never thought you could make and will result in something that you are proud of.

Studio Workshop

Studio workshop

The sessions run on a semester basis (Fall, Spring and a shorter Summer period). The prices vary depending on the particular course. My class cost $285 for 42 hours. That may seem steep, but that’s only $6.79 an hour, a lot cheaper than a yoga class. Some offerings might be a single session by a guest lecturer or perhaps a special multi-day that will meet only two or three times.

That's me on casting night

That’s me on casting night

Currently, I’m enrolled in Jewelry II with instructor Brenda Ching. We have many repeat students in my class. We all just keep coming back. The class is three hours on Wednesday evenings. There are quite a few exceptionally-talented students who have honed their skills over the years and are extremely creative.

It is always amazing how each person takes on a project in an entirely different way. At my modest level and with a cautious style of approach, even I have been surprised at what I can end up with under Brenda’s careful guidance. Then there’s the new student you’ve only just met and they surprise you with their own creative take on the expanse of possibilities.

Fall Semester Show & Tell

Fall semester show & tell

So give it a try. Take a look at the list of classes and seriously consider a new medium of creative expression to add interest to your life. Seize the day!

Ring.Petrified Palm3

Petrified palm ring

Ring.Spinner Mia

Spinner ring

Sterling & Copper Earrings

Sterling & copper earrings

Synclastic hammered and etched brass bracelet

Synclastic hammered and etched brass bracelet

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